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Who are the seniors we serve?

In a contemporary culture that often considers 50-year-olds to be elderly, seniors with moderate to severe physical and cognitive limitations are often left behind. Yoga for All Seniors is grounded in traditional yogic principles and techniques to meet the complex needs of students coping with a variety of geriatric conditions.

Seniors enjoy adapted breath work, seated postures, and meditation to provide quality classes that are both fun and effective. Consistent participation in regular yoga classes helps cultivate deep breathing, develop focus, improve flexibility, increase coordination, and instill calm. 

Suitable for ALL seniors

hearing & visual impairments

Parkinson's & Alzheimer's diseases

walkers & wheelchairs

replaced joints & arthritis

dementia & cognitive impairment

other special needs

Many seniors often face more than one challenge at a time. Traditional chair/senior yoga is frequently geared toward students who are able to get up and down during the practice and who are still lucid. Imagine trying to keep up with a yoga class when you struggle with hearing, confusion, memory, and mobility simultaneously. Yoga for All Seniors was developed for those students.

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