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Are you a yoga instructor?

Our senior citizens need you!

The US population is growing quickly among those 65 and older and those people are living longer with greater risks to their mental and physical well-being. Adapted yoga techniques can be part of the solution as families and communities search for ways to cope with this evolving societal shift.

Introduction to Yoga for Real Seniors©  8-hour Basic 1 Teacher Training

This fun and educational 8-hour training will teach you the YFRS method developed by Mary Jacobson (Fatehbir Kaur). Assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and private homes are filled with seniors who can greatly benefit from yoga adapted to their needs and abilities. We will think, laugh, share and discover new opportunities for teaching yoga!


  • Adapt basic asana, breath and meditation to students with extreme cognitive and physical limitations
  • Recognize how realistic goals increase your ability to share yoga with the ever-expanding senior population
  • Redefine the meaning of success for elderly students
  • Create your own teaching opportunities in this underserved community
  • Gain lifelong knowledge that can be used in a classroom or home environment

The YFRS method is not limited to one style or tradition of yoga. Healthcare providers with little or no yoga background are also welcome to learn these techniques. Basic teacher training is an 8-hour course, including a practicum. For scheduled training dates and locations, please refer to the calendar. For more information about how to bring YFRS to your studio or facility, please email us.

Teacher training that transforms 

"Mary (Fatehbir Kaur), based on her years of experience teaching seniors, has an infinite amount of wisdom within her on "how" to teach, but she also has you inquire deeper within yourself. Training with her has prepared me to teach seniors through her demo-sessions, self-awareness exercises, excellent and thorough teaching materials, and fun and exciting practicums with fellow classmates!"

Tej Atma Kaur, teacher trainee

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